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Paid Dues Festival, Sat 03.28.2009 March 11, 2009

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My boy DJ Val the Vandle is on the ticket for Paid Dues Festival this year, and I’m so proud of him! That’s quite an accomplishment. Sponsored by Guerilla Union, Paid Dues should be dope. It’s gonna be at the NOS Events Center in San Bernadino. A little drive from Los Angeles, but a nice drive and well worth it. The lineup includes a “best of” list of the future of hip hop. Personally I can’t wait to see MURS. I’ll be there (God willing) and I hope you will too.


It’s Grammy Weekend…What Will You Be Doing? February 7, 2009

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It’s Grammy weekend here in Los Angeles, and that means the city is poppin’. I’m sure you’ve seen the pics around the web of celebrities hitting up parties and gifting suites, getting their swag on. But what about the purveyors of style who aren’t celebrities? The fly folks who socialize in industry circles, then go home to real life after the party is over? I know who you are, and I got something for ya.

If you happen to be in LA this weekend, here’s some info on Grammy parties. Whether you want to do the Hollywood thing or kick it with the hipsters, I got you on the event tip. The best parties are usually quietly kept but I’m in a good mood and I feel like sharing. Pick your scene and go!

Sat 2/7

Sun 2/8


Orakel Dynasty Art/Fashion Show Friday Oct 24 October 24, 2008

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Orakel Dynasty Art/Fashion Show Tonight 10/24

My boy Val is spinning at this art/fashion show at Sachi tonight. I’m sure the vibe will be laid back, cool and soulful. Val is definitely a tastemaker DJ, he’ll create a chill, loungey, yet hip hop vibe that’s gonna move your soul.

Isn’t that what we want sometimes? It’s going on in Long Beach Marina so it’s super chill and jazzy. If you haven’t been to Long Beach Marina to enjoy the restaurants and lounge spots, you’re sleeping. It’s definitely a spot for the grown and sexy to enjoy good food, drinks, and music. If you ain’t got it, get some culture in ya life peoples.


LA Fashion Week, listening parties & stuff October 15, 2008

It’s cracking this week in Los Angeles, moreso than I’ve seen in some time. It’s LA Fashion Week, so there are a gazillion shows and associated events going on. On the hip hop front, Jay Z is performing tonight at the Holllywood Palladium with DJ AM on the 1s and 2s. God bless that brother for coming out of such a tragedy. And what better way to get back into the swing of things, by DJ’ing for Jigga.

It’s listening party galore this week too. I guess everyone’s gearing up for those Q4 album releases. Last night, Kanye & E-40 each had listening parties for their new projects. Tonight is the Q-Tip listening party for his new album “The Renaissance.” I had the opportunity to attend 40 Water’s listening party, and it was interesting to say the least.

I’m not the biggest E-40 fan, but I respect his work and I like quite a few songs he’s put out. “Sprinkle Me” used be my joint, along with “Hurricane.” He undoubtedly helped put the Bay Area on the map and has made a significant contribution to not only west coast hip hop, but hip hop as a whole. He is the man responsible for hip hop lingo like, “fa sheezy,” and “my nizzle.” He’s the first person I know of who used such terms.

Back to the listening party. 40’s new album “Ball Street Journal” is ok, I guess. Most of the tracks consist of bass heavy party music. Which isn’t a bad thing. 40 is known for making party music. “Tell Me When To Go” is guaranteed to make a party jump. But the new stuff isn’t very memorable for me.

What was memorable was when I met Too Short at E-40’s party. Dude is an OG. I kept referring to him as Mr. Shaw, which I think made him feel old because he winced every time I said it. But it seemed the most appropriate way to refer to him, being that he’s been in the rap game since 1983. He’s been rapping almost as long as I’ve been alive. Biggups to Mr. Shaw, aka Short Dog, aka Short Dog the Pimp. He is indeed pimpish in his ways, he’s very charming. The ladies were showing him love last night.

Read about Kanye’s listening party here. Wish I coulda made that one, but it’s all good. Maybe next album.

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NWA Week: We Want Eazy! October 3, 2008

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Eazy-E left us in 1995 at age 31, at the peak of his career. He was very accomplished as an NWA frontman, solo artist, and businessman. He had just put on Bone Thugs. Unfortunately, he was also beefing with the other NWA group members. Eazy set the bar for future hip hop entreprenuership by putting out his own music, managing his own label and other artists. Before Diddy and Jay were heading Bad Boy and Def Jam, respectively, Eazy-E had Ruthless Records.

Along with the surviving members of NWA, Eazy introduced the world to the wild, wild, west. Eazy-E is a hip hop legend and his contribution to the game is duly noted. Rest in peace to that brother.


The Hip Hop Muse


NWA Week Continues w/ Dre Day October 2, 2008

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I had the idea that I was only going to post one Dr. Dre video today, but I couldn’t decide between “Let Me Ride” and “Dre Day.” Since I’m indecisive, enjoy both!

NWA Week continues on HipHopMuse…



Today Was A Good Day, Right Cube? October 1, 2008

Right on Cube, today is a good day. It seems like NWA week on Hip Hop Muse. Now that I think of it, hey, why not? I now declare, it is NWA Week on Hip Hop Muse.

It’s one of those rare days when things fall into my favor, which I feel so blessed to have received. I’m having a good hair day. I got a job offer in my field (web advertising), I did a good deed by recycling some e-waste, copped a fly-ass suede bag and a leather belt with gold chain detail (channeling my inner rock star), and I met a handsome guy while handling some business. To top it all off, I have some Teriyaki wings from Wing Stop. Ch-ch-cheah.

This summer was pretty hectic, so I’m reveling in the moment while it lasts. Damn right it was a good day.