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hiphopmuse.com is live!! March 24, 2009

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Hey errbody! I’ve taken hiphopmuse to a new level, and rolled over to a real live site. You may now find me at http://hiphopmuse.com. I’m official now. Let’s go people!


Kanye, please don’t go to jail March 18, 2009

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The internet is buzzing with the news that Kanyeezie could possibly face jail time for that little tiff he had with the paps at LAX last year.

If Kanye ends up going to jail, would that make him certified gangster? It’s almost a rite of passage for a hip hop dude (and I cringe to say for a black man, and shit, even chicks in the game) to go to the clinker at some point. Maybe if he goes in for a little while he can have time to think, be creative, and come up with some good music instead of being a hot mess in the streets.

I feel like Kanye would benefit from taking a sabbatical from the limelight. He ain’t been right since his mom passed. He’s been moving and shaking non stop since that tragic event. He may just need to tap out for a little while, grieve, heal, and regroup.

It’s ok Yeezie! We still luv ya, messy behavior and all. Just please get it together. HipHopMuse has you on her prayer list.

Peace out 0:-)


Spring Rain Boots March 2, 2009

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Spring is coming, and with the sunshine comes rain. Even when the weather is dreary, one can still express her personal style. Check out my picks for cute and fashionable rainboots to carry the urban fashionista through the spring showers.


I love a bright red, especially against gray skies.

Leopard Print

Leopard print is bold and attention-grabbing.


Houndstooth is sophisticated, classic, and chic.


Spring plaid is uber-fashionable.

Picks spotted on Target.com.


Jamie Foxx “Blame it on the Alcohol” Video February 28, 2009

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This is one of my favorite club bangers right now. Perfect track for the weekend. 😉


Wind it up! Movado, “So Special” February 9, 2009

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HipHopMuse loves reggae. Nothing gets me going like a good riddim. Check Movado’s “So Special.” I’ll keep it 100 with you, I really have no idea what dude is rapping about, but I dig the parts where he’s like, “I’m so special, so special so special…” Hey it doesn’t have to be that sophisticated.

The video is pretty cool. It reminds me a little bit of “Cher Chez La Ghost.” Enjoy!


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 19, 2009

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Today we observe the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King’s memory takes on a special meaning this year in light of tomorrow’s inauguration of President Obama.  Prez Obama is what Dr. King could have been had he not been taken so soon. Dr. King’s dream is realized!

President Obama has commemorated this day as a day of service. Even if “the man” didn’t let you off work, take a moment to reflect on the life and legacy of the front man for the Civil Rights Movement. If it wasn’t for Dr. King we could still be living in a segregated world.  Do a good deed, even if its as small and helping an elderly person with their bags.  The universe will repay you.



“Notorious” reviewed January 16, 2009

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“Notorious” incites much nostalgia. For what was, and what could have been. It’s usually fruitless to focus on what could have been, but when I walked out of the theater from seeing “Notorious”, I found myself fixated on what things would be like if Biggie was still with us. Would he have live up to his greatness? Would he have faded into obscurity? Would have gone the rapper/CEO route? How would he have fared in the evolution of hip hop post 90s? We’ll never know.

Jamal Woolard was a convincing Christopher Wallace, though my friend and I agreed that Guerilla Black or even Rick Ross would have been even more convincing. Woolard captured the teddy bear/big pimp quality that Biggie embodied. Naturi Naughton did well as Lil Kim in my opinion, she took on that Queen Bee bravado pretty well. Antonique Smith was dead on as Faith Evans; she looked like her, and her performance was solid. Angela Bassett is def one of the G.O.A.T. actresses, though her Jamaican accent kept going in and out as she portrayed Mrs. Wallace.

Derek Luke killed it as Diddy. He had the Puffy swagger down to a T, as evidenced every time he did the Puffy dance (or as my homeboy calls it, the “Diddy bop”). He did a perfect job adopting that energy and braggadocio that we love Diddy for. Though no one can do Diddy like Diddy. Anthony Mackie performed well as Tupac, but I would have liked to have seen an actual rapper play Pac rather than a trained actor.

That’s something that was missing for me in this movie, the rappers. Critics blast rappers for acting, but this movie is about hip hop, so rappers with decent acting skills should be playing rappers. Of all the Tupac wannabes out there – Ja Rule immediately comes to mind – the role would have been better suited for someone who has practice in adopting Pac’s style.

The movie seemed kind of rushed, like a Cliff Notes version of Biggie Smalls. It isn’t feasible to expect a person’s entire life story to be played out on screen, but it would have been better to see it go more in depth. I wanted to see more of a character study than an brief overview of the life of Biggie Smalls.

Though the movie only skimmed the surface, it was great to see Biggie’s life story played out on screen. The evolution of a boy to a man played out in the streets and the rap industry. Ironically both the streets and the rap game have a propensity to eviscerate people who get entangled in their clutches, whether by their own demise or someone else’s hands. There are some who make it out, but many more get caught up in the game. Biggie was a tragic victim of “the life” in both the streets and the rap game. Jay Z’s “Allure” sums it up when he says, “even James Dean <Biggie Smalls> couldn’t escape the allure/dying young and leaving a good looking corpse.”

We can’t change the world until we change ourselves. – Puffy in “Notorious”