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“Candy Girls” Reviewed March 9, 2009

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So last night I watched “Candy Girls” on E!, the new reality show about hip hop video vixens. It didn’t totally suck, and I like reality shows so it was cool to me.

I won’t call it must see TV, though it was pretty interesting to watch. I think of myself as an intelligent black woman but I’m not above watching chicks make asses of themselves on TV. If it’s entertaining, dammit it’s entertaining. I know to visit other media when I need something more intellectually stimulating.

Now that the disclaimers are out of the way…the main benefit I see in “Candy Girls” is that we get a glimpse into the lives of video chicks. Love them or hate them, the video girl has always been a topic of interest in hip hop and this is the first reality show that is centered around them.

Are they hoes? Or are they savvy businesswomen? Or both? I don’t know if there’s a black and white answer to that question since the ride to the top isn’t always pristine.

The part I don’t like about the show is the attitude of some of these chicks. They’re probably playing it up for the show, but there’s quite a bit of backstabbing, taunting, and in-fighting among these women. It’s totally dumb. What is this junior high? If you’re a grown ass woman getting your hustle on, act like one.

I also take issue with race and class and how it’s depicted in the show. Olivia is mixed, and seems very disconnected from her blackness. On the same vein, the other girls tease her for not being black enough, which isn’t cool. All black people aren’t the same, and “blackness” exists on different wavelengths.

And what is this thing about making Olivia feel excluded because she’s never been arrested? Like being arrested is a black thing? And for a woman? What part of the game is that? I guess.

The way it’s depicted is the black girls are mean to the confused mixed girl and the Spanish girl. So it’s not a good look for anyone, really.

It reminds me of junior high school, the mean girls all grown up. Jealously, competition, hateration…

Yet I’ll be watching. Cause I like watching bad TV. It’s escapism, baby.



Sidebar: Not to sound like a hater, but I honestly don’t remember seeing any of these chicks in a video. And I watch a lot of videos. Maybe I saw one of them and didn’t know :-/.


I Guess… March 4, 2009

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Apparently I’m late to the party, since the Youtube tags say this commercial is from the Superbowl. However, I saw this shit for the first time today and nearly fell out my chair.

It’s funny as hell but almost sad, because we all know Ed McMahon’s money is funny. He’s like 90 or something, it sucks that he’s struggling financially when he should be enjoying retirement. Especially since he’s had a pretty solid career as a television personality.

And let’s not even get on MC Hammer. When he was a “famous rap star” as noted in the commercial, he had a huge reputation for ballin’ out, making it rain, or whatever the 80s equivalent term is for being hood rich.

But hey, at least they’re making dough doing these Cash 4 Gold commercials. They’re not only spokespeople, they’re Cash 4 Gold customers.

Now that I think of it, hood rich people were onto something. Keep the cash in your mattress, or buy jewelry. If you invested in stocks it means shit now, but if you have a whole bunch of gold, diamonds, and platinum, you have a little bit of wealth.

*Off to search my jewelry box for miscellaneous gold pieces to cash in*


Giving you the boot February 9, 2009

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With only a little over a month left until spring, stores are clearing out winter goods to make room for spring. Yay, because that means boots are on sale!

Browsing endless.com today, I found some boots that I’m itching to add to my collection. Notice my selections are all flat; while heels are wonderful and sexy, sometimes the urban fashionista likes to switch the style up and stay grounded. It’s possible to still be sexy without wearing heels. It’s all in how you rock it.

Fly and futuristic. Definitely a welcome change from those Ugg-style boots everyone seems to be rocking.

These patent leather, knee-high flat boots are dope. Perfect over a pair of skinny pants, or with a skirt.

I love the rusty, cognac color of these. The strap and buckle details with the ruching underneath add edge and femininity.


It’s Grammy Weekend…What Will You Be Doing? February 7, 2009

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It’s Grammy weekend here in Los Angeles, and that means the city is poppin’. I’m sure you’ve seen the pics around the web of celebrities hitting up parties and gifting suites, getting their swag on. But what about the purveyors of style who aren’t celebrities? The fly folks who socialize in industry circles, then go home to real life after the party is over? I know who you are, and I got something for ya.

If you happen to be in LA this weekend, here’s some info on Grammy parties. Whether you want to do the Hollywood thing or kick it with the hipsters, I got you on the event tip. The best parties are usually quietly kept but I’m in a good mood and I feel like sharing. Pick your scene and go!

Sat 2/7

Sun 2/8


Inaugural Ball Gowns January 12, 2009

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If I had it my way, I would be attending one of those fabulous inaugural balls that will be held in Washington DC next week. Alas, I’m hood rich (read: broke) so I’ll be at home reading the highlights on theybf.com. It’s ok, a chick can’t win them all.

If by some stroke of luck I came up on an opportunity to attend an inauguration ball, what would I wear? As my imagination wandered, I sauntered over to edressme.com for some picks.

deep violet halter dress

deep violet halter dress

This dress is classy and sophisticated, with a touch of sass around the neckline. The color is subtle, but it stands out. The color and detail of the dress does a lot of the work, so simple hair and accessories would complete this look. Add a pretty bracelet and earrings, and you’re good to go.

silver sequin gown

silver sequin gown

Bling bling! Every time I come around ya city…now you know I’m obsessed with most things shiny, and this one here really does it for me. The product description on edressme.com says this is a prom dress, but if you can fit it, you can wear it. Don’t quote me on that statement in 20 years, however.

charcoal grey gown

charcoal grey gown

This dress speaks to me. “I am confident, chic, and I know you see me,” it says. This dress would look hot with a messy updo and dramatic makeup. Add in bold accessories and you’re ova, honey.

gold strapless gown

gold strapless gown

This is the Beyonce dress. I can imagine her in this one. Maybe because it looks pretty similar to her Golden Globe dress. This dress is overtly sexy, so you’ll catch the eye of that cute alderman over at the bar. What up, boo.

To all those who have the opportunity to make to inauguration, biggups to you. Please takes lots of pictures for those of us who can’t make it. I’ll be near my laptop with a glass of wine waiting for you to upload them.



Welcome Back to the 90s January 6, 2009

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The 90s are back in full swing. Plaid shirts are trendy again, along with leggings. 90210 is back on television, and we have a Democratic president after 8 hellish years of Bush. All we’re missing is TLC, Nirvana, and Melrose Place, or it would really feel like1993 again.

While it’s cool to watch history repeat itself, I’m kind of concerned about some of the 90s inspired trends that have become popular again. Let’s examine some of these blasts from the past.


vivienne westwood jelly sandals

Jellies were all the rage back in the day…when I was in the 8th grade. It doesn’t makes sense for a grown woman to wear shoes that have the possibility of melting if the temperature exceeds 90 degrees, which is a reality of life if you live in Southern Cali or another warm climate. Also, these shoes remind me of sandals that little girls wear. Adult women should shy away from these, lest they run the risk of looking like they belong on the schoolyard. Rocking jellies = not getting your grown woman on.

Shiny, High-Waist Leggings

megan good on somebody's red carpet

Shiny, high-waist leggings. Read that again, out loud to yourself. Does that sound ok? Or does it sound like a LOT of trends manifesting in one item? High-waist pants look good on a very small percentage of the population, while the rest who dare to try this trend look like they’re wearing mom jeans.

There was a period of about 3 or 4 years in the 90s where it was trendy to wear shiny material. Blame Puffy (he wasn’t Diddy yet, back then). Combined with shiny material that’s clinging to your body for dear life, the results can be disastrous. Camel toe, anyone? Eek!

Baggy Jeans

free people boyfriend jeans

free people boyfriend jeans

I will be the first to admit that I rocked baggy jeans on the regular. With a plaid shirt. And a baby tee or tank top underneath. And I thought I was fly. I had TLC, Aaliyah, and SWV to look up to. Back then the b-girls were kind of grungy, so we also channeled that Nirvana, No Doubt style.

I can appreciate the baggy look , because sometimes it’s cool to be comfy and chill. Some days you don’t want to stuff yourself into a pair of skinny jeans, and let’s face it, sometimes you may not feel straitlaced enough to wear theĀ  neat boot-cut or straight-leg look. Sometimes you might feel slacker-chic.

What are some trends from the 90s that you love or hate to see come back?


Rockin’ New Year’s Eve December 30, 2008

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Ladies, going out this New Year’s Eve? Whatcha wearing? Here are a few picks to ring in ’09 funky fresh dressed, impressed, ready to party.

forever 21 sequin dress

forever 21 sequin dress

Sequins are in order for NYE. This dress is for the fun, flirty party girl who loves to be the center of attention. Which is great…but do not even think of adding neon tights to this look, that’s not the business. Pairing neon tights will garner bad attention, not good. Trust.

victorias secret square-neck dress

victoria's secret square-neck dress

This square-neck little black dress is simple, yet elegant and sexy. I would jazz it up with chunky metallic accessories, strappy heels or fly booties, and a bold clutch. Dramatic makeup, a simple chignon a la Sade and a glass of bubbly. The theme here is understated sexy.

laundry sapphire blue dress

laundry sapphire blue dress

This dress is absolutely adorable. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it’s beautiful. Sometimes one must sacrifice for beauty! And don’t feel bad for repeating this one. This dress deserves to come out more than once a year.

metallic pleather jacket

forever 21 metallic jacket

Top it all off with a metallic jacket. I’m totally obsessed with shiny stuff! What can I say? I’m a girl, and I came of age in the hip-hop, shiny suit, bling-infested 90s. I think this jacket is really fly, and it adds a bit of edge to each of these dresses. The fact that it kind of doesn’t go makes it work for me.