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hiphopmuse.com is live!! March 24, 2009

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Hey errbody! I’ve taken hiphopmuse to a new level, and rolled over to a real live site. You may now find me at http://hiphopmuse.com. I’m official now. Let’s go people!


Kanye, please don’t go to jail March 18, 2009

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The internet is buzzing with the news that Kanyeezie could possibly face jail time for that little tiff he had with the paps at LAX last year.

If Kanye ends up going to jail, would that make him certified gangster? It’s almost a rite of passage for a hip hop dude (and I cringe to say for a black man, and shit, even chicks in the game) to go to the clinker at some point. Maybe if he goes in for a little while he can have time to think, be creative, and come up with some good music instead of being a hot mess in the streets.

I feel like Kanye would benefit from taking a sabbatical from the limelight. He ain’t been right since his mom passed. He’s been moving and shaking non stop since that tragic event. He may just need to tap out for a little while, grieve, heal, and regroup.

It’s ok Yeezie! We still luv ya, messy behavior and all. Just please get it together. HipHopMuse has you on her prayer list.

Peace out 0:-)


Paid Dues Festival, Sat 03.28.2009 March 11, 2009

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My boy DJ Val the Vandle is on the ticket for Paid Dues Festival this year, and I’m so proud of him! That’s quite an accomplishment. Sponsored by Guerilla Union, Paid Dues should be dope. It’s gonna be at the NOS Events Center in San Bernadino. A little drive from Los Angeles, but a nice drive and well worth it. The lineup includes a “best of” list of the future of hip hop. Personally I can’t wait to see MURS. I’ll be there (God willing) and I hope you will too.


“Candy Girls” Reviewed March 9, 2009

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So last night I watched “Candy Girls” on E!, the new reality show about hip hop video vixens. It didn’t totally suck, and I like reality shows so it was cool to me.

I won’t call it must see TV, though it was pretty interesting to watch. I think of myself as an intelligent black woman but I’m not above watching chicks make asses of themselves on TV. If it’s entertaining, dammit it’s entertaining. I know to visit other media when I need something more intellectually stimulating.

Now that the disclaimers are out of the way…the main benefit I see in “Candy Girls” is that we get a glimpse into the lives of video chicks. Love them or hate them, the video girl has always been a topic of interest in hip hop and this is the first reality show that is centered around them.

Are they hoes? Or are they savvy businesswomen? Or both? I don’t know if there’s a black and white answer to that question since the ride to the top isn’t always pristine.

The part I don’t like about the show is the attitude of some of these chicks. They’re probably playing it up for the show, but there’s quite a bit of backstabbing, taunting, and in-fighting among these women. It’s totally dumb. What is this junior high? If you’re a grown ass woman getting your hustle on, act like one.

I also take issue with race and class and how it’s depicted in the show. Olivia is mixed, and seems very disconnected from her blackness. On the same vein, the other girls tease her for not being black enough, which isn’t cool. All black people aren’t the same, and “blackness” exists on different wavelengths.

And what is this thing about making Olivia feel excluded because she’s never been arrested? Like being arrested is a black thing? And for a woman? What part of the game is that? I guess.

The way it’s depicted is the black girls are mean to the confused mixed girl and the Spanish girl. So it’s not a good look for anyone, really.

It reminds me of junior high school, the mean girls all grown up. Jealously, competition, hateration…

Yet I’ll be watching. Cause I like watching bad TV. It’s escapism, baby.



Sidebar: Not to sound like a hater, but I honestly don’t remember seeing any of these chicks in a video. And I watch a lot of videos. Maybe I saw one of them and didn’t know :-/.


I Guess… March 4, 2009

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Apparently I’m late to the party, since the Youtube tags say this commercial is from the Superbowl. However, I saw this shit for the first time today and nearly fell out my chair.

It’s funny as hell but almost sad, because we all know Ed McMahon’s money is funny. He’s like 90 or something, it sucks that he’s struggling financially when he should be enjoying retirement. Especially since he’s had a pretty solid career as a television personality.

And let’s not even get on MC Hammer. When he was a “famous rap star” as noted in the commercial, he had a huge reputation for ballin’ out, making it rain, or whatever the 80s equivalent term is for being hood rich.

But hey, at least they’re making dough doing these Cash 4 Gold commercials. They’re not only spokespeople, they’re Cash 4 Gold customers.

Now that I think of it, hood rich people were onto something. Keep the cash in your mattress, or buy jewelry. If you invested in stocks it means shit now, but if you have a whole bunch of gold, diamonds, and platinum, you have a little bit of wealth.

*Off to search my jewelry box for miscellaneous gold pieces to cash in*


Spring Rain Boots March 2, 2009

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Spring is coming, and with the sunshine comes rain. Even when the weather is dreary, one can still express her personal style. Check out my picks for cute and fashionable rainboots to carry the urban fashionista through the spring showers.


I love a bright red, especially against gray skies.

Leopard Print

Leopard print is bold and attention-grabbing.


Houndstooth is sophisticated, classic, and chic.


Spring plaid is uber-fashionable.

Picks spotted on Target.com.