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How to spend Valentines Day if you’re single February 13, 2009

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. One of the more heart-wrenching man made holidays. Being bomarded with marketing imagery under the guise of celebrating love sometimes doesn’t always fare well with single folks. Even when you’re happily single, you may still feel the twinge of being alone on Valentine’s Day. How should a single person spend the day? Like it or not, it’s here. Argh! What to do?

1. Spend time with a loved one . It doesn’t have to necessarily be a spouse or partner. It could be your good friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, your puppy – it doesn’t matter as long as you’re with someone you love. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic love, it’s a celebration of love itself and that goes for anyone dear to you.

2. Spend time with the person you love most, you! Why not take V day and pamper yourself? You may spend so much time tending to the needs of others that you neglect the person you love most, yourself. Go to the spa. But some good champagne and get toasty in front of a warm fireplace (or space heater!) with a good movie or book. Hit up a movie or art gallery.  Engage in an activity that you enjoy and makes your heart happy.

3. Host a party. You know people who know people, so invite them all over for a get together. Make sure to diversify and invite guys AND your girlfriends, you never know what connections can be made. You may snab a sweetie for next V-day and you won’t need this blog post.

4. Go to bed. There’s nothing wrong with sleeping through a holiday you don’t really want to partake in. If you’re asleep, it will be over before you know it. Sometimes there’s nothing better than hanging out in your PJs all day in front of the TV watching marathons of your fave shows. Order in, watch the True Hollywood Story marathon, and chill. No pressure to go out and get dressed up. Plus its free, minus the tab for takeout.

Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. The point is to celebrate those you love, romantic or otherwise. And do what feels good to you. Don’t buy into the pressure of the faux holiday. Feel free to adopt my suggestions, or tell me some of your own. What are some good ways for single people to observe V-day?


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