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Is DC the next hotspot? January 18, 2009

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The net is abuzz with up to the minute highlights of the doings of celebrities hitting DC for President Obama’s inauguration. Jay Z and Beyonce spotted at Pentagon City mall! Parties, concerts, celebrity sightings abound in DC this weekend. It’s like Howard Homecoming weekend times 100. There’s a NY Times article pondering the question of whether DC is stealing NY’s shine. With the 2009 inauguration of President Obama, and the hoopla surrounding it, is Washington DC the next “it” place to be?

If so, that’s cool with me. I for one love DC. For me, it’s been a hotspot.  It’s a very charming, regal place with lots of history and a strong culture. I mean, it’s our nation’s capital. It’s where our federal government happens. Politics rule the city. And with the government taking over the financial markets, it’s where the money is now.

DC has a flavor like no other. It’s Chocolate City, a black mecca. DC probably has the highest population of black professionals in its borders, running neck in neck with Atlanta. The swag of it’s people, from the ‘bamas to the cuties in the Nike Boots, to the go-go music, its hot.

DC is getting it’s shine, but it will never replace New York or Los Angeles. It’s impossible. Of course, I’m biased, as Los Angeles is my hometown. Each of these places has qualities that makes them unique. DC can’t do lowriders on Sundays, be Hollywood or be the birthplace of hip hop and inhabit the Statue of Liberty. DC can only do DC. There’s enough room for all us to have our shine.  So don’t worry New Yorkers and Angelenos. We’re each holding it down, respectively.


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