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Spotted ’round da web… December 29, 2008

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Got my vans on but they look like sneakers…check out these watermelon joints spotted over at Exactly.net. Though I can’t see myself sporting these personally, I appreciate the inspiration behind it. Now all of a sudden I’m craving summer fruit…

While on the vein of skateboard styles, NY Times is reporting that skaters are capitalizing on the wave of foreclosures. Apparently with so many empty houses, there’s a plethora of abandoned pools for skateboarders to practice their jumps. Word is the kidney-shaped pools are the best ones to practice in.

Reality TV world is reporting that Whitney Port, former marginal character of “The Hills” and current star of “The City” doesn’t really work for Diane von Furstenberg. Not to say she isn’t employed at DVF, but the heffa ain’t never at work. Oh, and they’re also saying this “reality” show isn’t real and it’s scripted. Did anyone think “The Hills” or “The City” were real? It’s TV! Most of the content on TV is fake. We watch it because, well, often times there isn’t much else on in that time slot, and reality TV is like crack. It’s all escapism, baby.

Bush’s former aides say that he never recovered from Hurricane Katrina, according to AP. Well guess what? Neither did New Orleans, or the people who don’t have homes to go to three years after the hurricane. At least dude doesn’t have to live in a toxic trailer.

The soul of the south is forever changed, but not broken.



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