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Kanye, “Heartless” December 9, 2008

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I’ve been without cable for like, a month (thanks Time Warner. You were on the verge of being cancelled) so I’m just now getting around to seeing Kanye’s new vid for “Heartless.” I won’t be too snarky, because I think the video is really innovative and creative. But I’ll be somewhat snarky, because that’s what I do.

Kudos to Hype Williams for switching the style up with the cartoon theme. The Hype man has set the tone for modern hip-hop videos…I would venture out to say he’s set the tone for modern music videos across all genres, with his wide/split screen visual technique. The cartoon theme, though not unprecedented, isn’t something you see very often.

And cartoon Kanye is kinda sexy. That goatee…ooh wee! Is it normal to be attracted to a cartoon? Cartoon Kanye is almost hotter than real life Kanye. Ok, that was weird. But hey, it’s the next best thing until I get to the real thing. It could happen.

Ok, enough of the awkward weirdness. Check the vid.


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