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Too many questions, too little answers November 7, 2008

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Mike Jones’s “Cutty Buddy” is one of those songs that I secretly like. Don’t judge me; even the most elitist of hip hop snobs sometimes enjoy walkin’ it out, randomly throwing their A’s in the air, and other behavior worthy of turning your nose up to.

I wouldn’t have given this video too much attention but for a few things:

1. When did Mike Jones get so cut? He’s halfway doable here. Theoretically speaking.

2. Mike Jones, why are you posted up at a high school giving girls “the eye” like R-Kelly?

3. Why is homegirl in the “jock love” scene wearing heels while playing volleyball? Oh wait, I see that the boyfriend dragged her out to play. Why is he so hell bent on gangstering the volleyball game? It’s a hardcore sport, but not for boys.

4. What the hell is going on the with the nerd guy and the blond mohawk? Please explain.

Ok, I just realized I can’t get back the five minutes I dedicated to this post. *Sigh*


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