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Throwback Vid: INOJ “Love You Down” October 29, 2008

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Remember the mid-90s, when there was a plethora of So-So Def bass music? At that time, bass music from Florida and Atlanta was hittin’. If you’re old enough to remember and enjoy it, don’t act like you weren’t Tootsie Rollin’ and Bankhead bouncing.

When INOJ’s vid came on today, it took me back to that time. “Love You Down” was a hot vid. Who knew that Lil Jon would make it from being the random guy behind the turntables in the So So Def videos to the King of Crunk? Shouts out to that dude.

This video made me want to go to college. Not necessarily because I was interested in receiving higher education; in my adolescent mind I thought, “wow, college looks fun!” Cute guys in greek letters, parties, hanging out on the yard. By the time I made it to college, my perspective changed a little bit. I was very focused on earning my degree…while kicking it with cute guys, partying, and hanging out on the yard. I definitely hammed it up during my four years, but I graduated with a 3.2. I might have graduated with a 4.0 if I wasn’t being a hot mess, but I had a grand ole time. I turned out aight.

Peace, love, and Barack the Vote.

6 days until change.



One Response to “Throwback Vid: INOJ “Love You Down””

  1. [B]. ®oane Says:

    lol its crazy. I love this track [albeit the 80’s Force MDs version]. I miss booty bass so much. Those were the days where Kilo Ali was king and Freaknik was still popping off. I was a kid so I wasn’t allowed near Atlanta at all! lol Good stuff!

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