hip hop muse

hip hop don’t stop. whatever i give you, it will be heavily seasoned with hip hop flavor like your grandma’s secret fried chicken recipe. this is the life of a b-girl. street fab, urban sophisticate. ghetto socialite. all the way real. are you down?

Today Was A Good Day, Right Cube? October 1, 2008

Right on Cube, today is a good day. It seems like NWA week on Hip Hop Muse. Now that I think of it, hey, why not? I now declare, it is NWA Week on Hip Hop Muse.

It’s one of those rare days when things fall into my favor, which I feel so blessed to have received. I’m having a good hair day. I got a job offer in my field (web advertising), I did a good deed by recycling some e-waste, copped a fly-ass suede bag and a leather belt with gold chain detail (channeling my inner rock star), and I met a handsome guy while handling some business. To top it all off, I have some Teriyaki wings from Wing Stop. Ch-ch-cheah.

This summer was pretty hectic, so I’m reveling in the moment while it lasts. Damn right it was a good day.



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