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you remind me… September 5, 2008

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The radio is always playing in my house. We have a little boombox in the kitchen and it’s almost always set on KJLH. That way there’s always musical sound wafting through the house. Especially when home alone, it can be quite comforting.

This morning I was inspired to post MJB’s “You Remind Me” video. On the radio this morning I heard the original “You Remind Me” by Evelyn Champagne King, I think. I don’t know the original artist on that song. I made a half attempt to youtube it (like how I used that as a verb, right?) but I only found videos by Mary and Usher. And I’m not in an Usher mood right now.

If you appreciate early 90s R&B, enjoy this video. Sidebar: I’m really digging Mary’s grey catsuit. I didn’t appreciate it in 92 but I would totally rock it today with a wide cinched belt and some cute booties. But I digress. Peep the vid!



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