hip hop muse

hip hop don’t stop. whatever i give you, it will be heavily seasoned with hip hop flavor like your grandma’s secret fried chicken recipe. this is the life of a b-girl. street fab, urban sophisticate. ghetto socialite. all the way real. are you down?

What up my people! September 3, 2008

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Hey hey hey everybody! It’s ya girl the one and only Hip Hop Muse coming through to provide you with fresh content with a hip hop twist…from a female perspective. The game is so male dominated, it needs a dose of estrogen! I think it would balance things out, ya dig? Check me on the regular for hip hop lifestyle, music, fashion, news, history, literature, education, politics, career…I’m leaving no stone unturned.  I envision something along the lines of a ghetto New York Times or something like that.  We’ll figure out the parameters of this thing as we go along.  So check me out, I’ll be dropping posts, videos, audio, commentary, and whatever else comes up.

Peace and Love,

The Muse


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